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Soul. Jazz. Pop. 


My First EP

Greetings! Take a listen to my debut EP, so brilliantly titled: My First EP!

This collection of four songs journeys through love and its many forms. Physical love, avoidance of love, playful love, self love, and broken love only begin to scratch the surface of this elusive idea. 

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Hey, hi, hello, what is UP! 

I am Leah, and I am so glad you've found yourself here, scrolling through my website. 

I exist in this world as a singer-songwriter with genre influences of soul, jazz and pop. Lyrically, I choose to focus on the authenticities of life - be it heartache, spirituality, or uncomfortable climates. 

I enjoy balancing the lines of quirk and attitude, goof and serious, sun and moon, etc. 

In all, thanks for being here, listen to some tunes, and enjoy the days ahead!






MANAGEMENT |  leahcolonmusic@gmail.com


BOOKING | leahcolonmusic@gmail.com

Booking, Background Vocals, Co-Writing

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Photos By: Alex Berger